Top 10 Machu Picchu Secrets

Interesting cos for those of you familiar with how I come across my learning experiences on matters spiritual (right click your mouse to read more here) you will know that I haven’t actually ever formally studied any of these matters.

My understanding is that for a spirit to materialise takes a massive amount of energy and so this task is not undertaken lightly. One of the early proponents of the near death experience was Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Dr. Kubler-Ross recounted an experience in which she was engaged in conversation by a woman she knew had died months earlier. The woman’s skin appeared ‘waxy’ but other than that, she appeared quite normal.

Janet: Rochleigh, you came to St. Louis from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area in May 2005. Can you say what this time-about two and a half years-has been like for you?

The Vedas are a collection of 1008 hymns that praises a higher power, they are on ethics, latest cosmology news, philosophy, and science. They contain the oldest Yoga basics, techniques and rules. Therefore, we call it Vedic or Pre-classical Yoga. The Rig Veda is a sacred work by Hindu faith. Most of its myths personified the forces of nature. These times, people used to rely on rishis (Vedic Yogis) to teach them how to live in harmony.

And people sometimes ask me, “How can you be so fascinated by violence when you espouse peace”? (many if you may be already familiar with my work in prisons with victims and perpetrators of violence).

Janet: Rochleigh, you’ve said that you feel new work coming, and some of this work may be in the form of installations. Women artists often voice this feeling as being pregnant with a body of work. Could you tell us how this feels for you and how you’ll pursue it once you get settled in your new home?

Wealth 101 – Wealth is Much More Than Money by John-Roger & Peter McWilliams. This book is part of The Life 101 Series. I keep this book handy and have read it many times. It seems to find greater and greater meaning as you develop on a personal level. This book, as with all the books listed above, should be required reading in high school and college.

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