Marketing Planning Made Simple – Another Small Business Power Tool

The number of things you can do online has increased from day 1. It is a matter of time and energy. From buying clothes to downloading stuff, there are plenty of activities which you can perform online without getting up from the chair or picking up a call. Online resources are vast and plenty of methods are available to avail these services. The best thing to do online is to hire a company which can promote the business.

Advertising Inclusive of Television, outdoor signage, radio and print (magazines, trade publications & newspapers). You should only engage the services of an automotive advertising agency or sales promotion company if you can afford to and it is absolutely necessary.

You want your logo to dress and look a certain way when meeting with potential clients and customers. Logos should give off a certain persona/attitude that your company values and wants to embody. For example, lets say you are a dentist and your logo was out passing around brochures and flyers to drum up more business. Imagine if your logo didn’t shower, had messy hair, wrinkly clothes, was rude and overall not what you wanted to convey to possible new clients. Would people take your business seriously?

Early in my career I worked for the automotive advertising agencies that had the Energizer Battery account. I was perplexed by the differences in sales volume reported by the various sources we used. I kept asking “why” until I got to the root of the problem.

What is the Employee’s Role in your Business? What are their specific roles and tasks? Who do they lead and who do they report too? Do up a detailed Position Description. What is their salary and ongoing costs? What are the incentives? Who does their job when they are away? Get them to do a detailed system manual of their job.

This is the category of voice overs that people are most familiar with. From womb to tomb we hear “spokepersons” touting the wonders of food, soaps, toys, cars, medicines and whatever else you need for “what ails ya.” But wait! That’s not all! if you act now… Call 1-800… You get the picture. There are a wide variety of commercial messages we hear each day ranging from the lowliest used-car dealer to the international Jaguar commercials. Let’s look at several categories and how you can participate in them.

Your catering business might be different. If you target weddings, you will want to buy a list of couples getting married from a list broker. If you do a lot of tenant appreciation events, you need to go out and buy or assemble a list of all the property management companies in your area.

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